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10 Best Renowned Free Online College Courses In The World.

10 Best Renowned Free Online College Courses In The World.

Due to the advent of the online education revolution, we have found that more and more classes and resources are being offered online for students. But not only are we finding that students are able to gain high-quality educations online, but we’ve also found that many of these resources are now being offered for free to students online. With this shift towards making knowledge more accessible by making it free, we’ve decided that we’d compile a list of our favorite sources for free online education. On this list you’ll find sites dedicated to providing students with high-quality education at the lowest cost possible: free.

1. Blackboard-Open Education

Leveraging the very popular Blackboard platform, Open Education powered by Blackboard is a service that collects classes and courses offered through fifty different institutions to provide to the public for free. Designed to be used in tandem with courses already being taken through Blackboard, Open Education powered by Blackboard allows students to explore related subjects of study to gain supplemental learning material and coursework that may not be offered by the institution they are currently attending. Using a variety of live and self-paced courses, students are able to access a large library of archived Blackboard lectures.

2. Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative

They offers students thirty-one different open MOOCs, the Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative is a comprehensive collection of courses and coursework for students looking for free online courses. The Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative focuses primarily on providing students with access to introductory level classes in a variety of fields including STEM, languages, science-related studies, math, and much more. Anyone is able to access the classes for self-pace studies, but students are able to also gain keys from teachers in order to enter into cohorts to learn with groups. The Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative also provides teachers with a higher-degree of control and analytics to allow them to monitor their students progress.


It was funded by the National Science Foundation and the National Science Digital Library, AMSER (Applied Math and Science Education Repository) provides students with a massive catalogue of educational resources and services for those enrolled in community and technical colleges. Completely free of charge, AMSER is a great resource for students enrolled in other programs. Through AMSER, students will be able to keep up with the latest information in their field of study while making sure that they are gaining additional information and supplemental educational material. While technically it does not offer classes, AMSER is worth a mention due to the sheer wealth of data available to students.

4. Ars Digita University

Before it was an intensive post-bachelor’s program in computer science offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ars Digita University is now offered online to students for free. While a bit of a dated program it is still one of the most complete educational experiences offered online that is also offered by one of the country’s premier universities. Students have access to the entirety of this courses lectures, coursework and examine. Through this program students will study a variety of advanced topics including object-oriented programming, artificial intelligence, and a variety of complex math subjects relevant to computer science.

5. Academic Earth

Curating classes from thirteen of the best universities, including some Ivy League institutions, Academic Earth offers users hundreds of online courses to enroll in. Acting as a directory for all these courses, Academic Earth points students towards the proprietary platforms of different universities from which they can view these courses. Academic Earth also curates different “playlists” which allow students to learn a variety of different topics using different courses from different universities and institutions. Academic Earth is a great place for students to find a multitude of different courses offered by many different institutions.


6. Boston College Front Row

It was sponsored by the Boston College Magazine, Boston College Front Row provides students with a large amount of supplemental coursework and educational materials from Boston College. While Boston College Front Row does not provide students with complete access to entire college courses, the program does offer students related resources and recordings of different academic events. Currently, Boston College Front Row offers over 1000 different programs worth of information to students across a massive amount of different subject matters. Boston College Front Row is a fantastic resource for students looking to learn a little bit more about whatever topics they are currently studying.

7. Brigham Young University Independent Study

They were providing students with access to a variety of different theological courses and coursework, the Brigham Young University Independent Study program allows students to access over fifty different free online courses. These program cover typical educational topics like mathematics while also specializing in courses in the Bible and Mormonism. This catalog can be expanded for an additional fee allowing students to access to over five hundred extra courses.

8. Caltech Online

Using one of the latest innovations in online education, Caltech offers students access to ten different on-demand or live MOOCs (massive open online course). These courses typically cover STEM-related topics and allow students to participate with an unlimited amount of additional students to partake in massive seminars. Caltech Online uses either Coursera or edX platforms for their broadcasting purposes.

9. Canvas Network

Acting as a repository for a variety of different partner institutions, the Canvas Network collects MOOCs made available from a variety of different learning platforms. The programs are all offered to students initially as a live session that they can participate in and then they are archived for students to view at their own pace. Students can choose to enroll in courses that cover both traditional university course work as well as job training.

10. Alison
Alison offers over six-hundred different courses that have been sources from over two-hundred different countries, Alison was created to honor the UN Declaration of Human Rights that states “education should be available to all”. Sourcing sources from universities and top corporations, students will be able to gain a free education that will prepare them with a variety of skills applicable to the workplace. Students can also use this service to source diplomas for academic purposes. Alison is a great way for students to gain a global perspective and learn from a variety of different cultures.

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