How to Verify Your INEC Voters Card Or Check Your PVC Status Online

How to Verify Your INEC Voters Card Or Check Your PVC Status Online

Before you go to your polling unit to cast your vote in the upcoming elections in Nigeria, it is highly recommended you make use of the online INEC voters card verification portal to check the status of your pvc. The INEC online portal will also let you check your voters identification number (VIN).

Checking your voter’s status is very important because without a valid voters card, you will not be accredited and allowed to vote during an election in Nigeria. The card identifies you as a registered voter. Thus your name can be checked easily by the Presiding Officer or his Assistant during the accreditation exercise.

How To Use INEC Voters Registration Status Checker
Enter http://voterreg.inecnigeria.org in your web browser and you will see the INEC form.

Select your state of residence (where you registered)
Enter your surname
Enter your VIN or date of birth
Click “Search”
If valid, your details including pvc vin, polling unit will be displayed.

NB : If you have lost the temporary voters card (i.e the paper print version) you can use your date of birth for the verification.

How To Get PVC in Nigeria
You can get your permanent voters card in Nigeria at the INEC office in your local government.

If you’ve not registered before, if you have lost or damaged your PVC or if you have relocated from where you registered before, you should also visit the INEC office to get registered, to replace your PVC & transfer your registration to your new location.

Addresses of INEC Offices in Nigeria
You can pick up your PVC card from the INEC Local Government Office for the area you registered as a voter. You can check out the directory of INEC offices in Nigeria.

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