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5 Places To Visit In Ago Palace Way Okota Lagos Nigeria.

5 Places To Visit When You Are In Ago Palace Way Okota Lagos Nigeria.

There are so many bars, events centre and lucreational places in and around Ago Palace Way Okota Lagos Nigeria but few among them are execeptional.  These 5 places are so amazing that you will never regret your visit. The altmospheric enviroments, live band,  comedians, dancers and the security tarin would make you feel the moment as they all thrill you to your exicitment. Here are the list of 5  top places to visit:

*1. NOBIS Event Centre
Nobis Events And Place is located in No: 3 Felly Akurunwa Street, Ago Palace Way Okota, Lagos. They are mainly into Entertainment,Event Decorators,Event and runs an open bar, resturant and all kind of dishes are offered at the premisses. Comedians, live band and stage performance is always avialable to entertain you. Majority of people in the area troops more than any other joints around Ago Palace Way Okota. At the entrance of Nobis, there is high tech security technology that secures the enviroment coupled with hifty body guards who are always there to protect customers from intruders. When next you are visiting Ago Palace Way, try to visit Nobis Event Centr.

*2. AVENUE Bar And Lounge
Avenue bar and lounge seems to be the second purpolar place to visit whenever you are in Ago Palace Way Okota. The evironment is so condulsive that it is alway crowded by people who patronize them. Their have different kinds of fish, assorted, goat head (isi awu). And their drinks are also affordable. When it comes to security, the enivronment is secured by some body guards who checkmate the customers for safety purposes. Want to know more about Avenue Bar, kindly pay them visit someday and you would testify. Avenue bar is located at Avenue Bus Stop, Ago Palace Way Okota Lagos.

*3. SOUL Centre
Soul Centre Lounge is located at Grandmate Bus stop Ago Palace Way Okota Lagos. They have a car wash, an open bar and a club. They also offer all kinds of entertainment by inviting celebraties, comedians, dancers, live band and there is also stage performance done. You call always get all kind of choppies, drinks and refreshment from Soul Centre anytime Anyday. Wednesday is their club ladies day night where ladies troops in from far distance to wind

*4. VINTAGE Lounge
Vintage Lounge is designed for class and people class are always their customer. The enviroment is highly secured by uniformed men. They offer all kinds of Mouth watering delicious meal, isi ewu, nkwobi, assu etc. The place is highly decorated. Their customer service best to non in Ago Palace Way Okota Lagos. Also Vintage is really a place to visit. Why not take a trial and see things for yourself. Vintage Lounge is located at Victory Bus Stop, Ago Palace Way Okota Lagos.

*5.ROLLERS lounge and bar
Rollers Club and bar is locate Apena Bus Stop Ago Palace Way Okota, The event arena host lost of celebrities in their club often. They also have an open bar where comedians, dancers and djs thril audience during weekends. Rollers is also a nice place with class just like Vintage Bar and lounge. Rollers Club and bar offers all kinds of mouth watering delicacies. A trial will convience you.

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